ATHLETE REP FOR EVERY DIVISION? Paul Lauzon, Tyler Johnson and Abby Bolton – NORTHERN MUSCLE Ep#3

In this Episode of Northern Muscle, Paul Lauzon, Tyler Johnson and Abby Bolton discuss all things bodybuilding to include… ATHLETE REP FOR EVERY DIVISION?

Northern Muscle, a Podcast dedicated to promoting Canadian Bodybuilding and the Canadian Physique Alliance @canadianphysiquealliance

0:04:00 Benefits of staying busy and Active
0:11:00 Tyler Johnson’s Classic Physique Olympia Prep
0:15:30 Gas Prices in Canada
0:19:00 Promotion of Small NPC Shows in Northern California
0:26:00 NPC Bodybuilding Tier System?
0:31:00 Too Many Pro Shows? Too Many Olympia Qualifications?
0:34:00 Pro Show Board of Promoters
0:40:00 Making the Fouad Abiod Classic
0:46:00 All Pro Shows need Commentary
0:52:00 Each Division have an IFBB Pro Athlete Rep
1:09:00 Flow State and Building Structure
1:15:00 Removing Posing routines at NPC Shows?
1:22:00 IFBB Pro Fitness Division Shrinking?
1:30:00 Get rid of 1 IFBB Division?
1:41:00 Getting Blood Work Tested Natural VS Enhanced
1:45:00 Listening to your body
1:58:00 What are your current Goals?
2:00:00 Lesson learned from Bodybuilding?
2:00:00 Judge, Bodybuilder, Promoter… What is Paul’s Favorite?
2:26:00 Tyler Johnsons Olympia Expectations
2:35:00 Advise for athletes wanting to turn pro?
2:40:00 Health Stack Probiotic, Glutamine, magnesium, omega, vitamin D, Turmeric, Digestive Bitters, DGL liquorish

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