Hoochy Daddy Shorts – Phil Clahar, Tonio Burton, Jason Lowe, Josh Saunch – Bodybuilding Podcast

In this Episode on BNN @josh_saunch talks with these Juggernauts Fresh off the Orlando Pro! Phil Clahar, Jason Lowe, Tonio Burton and your host Josh Saunch.

0:00:00 Phil Clahar Orlando Pro Recap
0:03:30 Dangers of Crazy Conditioning and Offseason Mass
0:06:00 Benefits of Meal Prep Companies
0:10:00 Choosing the Right Gym for You
0:13:00 Mind to Muscle Connection. Kill the Ego
0:19:00 Training Tips for Muscle Isolation
0:24:00 Introverts starting youtube. Recording your first Video
0:26:00 Running a business during Pandemic
0:30:20 Growing the Butt
0:36:00 Tonio Burton Introduction
0:42:00 Vitor Boff @vitorboff and Horse MD not making weight
0:44:00 Tonio Burton will do Chicago Pro
0:46:00 Struggling to make weight Classic Physique and 212
0:48:00 Jason Lowe and Maxx Charles enter Offseason
0:50:00 Derik Lunsford to Open in 2023? 1 more Olympia?
0:54:00 Kamal shredded at 50+ Years Old 20+ Weeks out from Olympia
0:56:00 Jason Lowes Orlando Pro Recap
1:02:00 Shows Not having a livestream. WHY?
1:06:00 TOnio Burton Orlando Pro Recap? Robbery?
1:16:00 Portugal Pro Preview and Predictions
1:21:00 Martin Fitzwater Prepping for Brazil
1:30:30 Tonio Burtons Tampa Pro Game Plan?
1:31:00 How Phil met his wife?
1:37:00 Tonio Burtons Coach?
1:39:00 Getting Ride of Classic Physique Weight Cap?
1:42:30 Why Clahar leaving Phil Viz
1:45:30 @lorencalderoni National Level Show Attendance down in 2022?
1:56:00 1 Habit you would like to Make / Break?

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