IFBB Chicago Pro Live Commentary – Abby Bolton, Austin Karr and Josh Saunch

In this Episode, @josh_saunch commentates the 2022 Chicago Pro Live with @abbybolton_ifbbpro and @ifbbproaustin_k . We discuss…

0:05:00 Shoulder Injuries
0:11:00 Austin Karr to Open in 2022 Legion Sports Fest?
0:15:00 Olympia Moving away from Mass Monsters?
0:27:00 Stair Master Vs Treadmill
0:35:00 US Army Talk
0:42:00 Chicago Pro Fitness Competitors Lineup
0:45:00 Fitness Judging Criteria
0:47:00 Confidence and Stage Presence
0:56:00 Vancouver Pro Recap and Chicago Pro Coverage
1:00:00 Bodybuilding Contests Waiting Backstage
1:10:00 Chicago Pro 212 Recap
1:25:00 Pre Olympia Semi-Finals?
1:30:00 Bring Back NPC Tier Systems
1:35:00 Northern California NPC Shows?
1:42:00 Too Many Pro Qualifying Shows?
1:44:00 Athlete Reps for Every Division
1:47:00 Chicago Pro Women’s Fitness Commentary

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