OLD MEN IN LOCKER ROOMS – NORTHERN MUSCLE – Tyler Johnson and Josh Saunch ft. Joe Seeman

In this episode, @josh_saunch talks with Tyler Johnson and Joe Seeman on the first episode of Northern Muscle, a Podcast dedicated to promoting Canadian Bodybuilding and the Canadian Physique Alliance @canadianphysiquealliance
We discuss…

0:00:00 @coachlittlejoe Joe Seeman Introduction

0:01:00 Peak Week explained & Mistakes

0:02:00 Getting a contest prep coach

0:05:30 Hassan Mustafa transformation with AJ Sims

0:07:00 Top 10 Olympia Predictions for Hassan Mustafa

0:09:00 Hassan Mustafa vs Theo Leguerrier

0:10:50 @tylerjohnson_ifbb Tyler Johnson Introduction

0:12:00 Life of a Full Time Bodybuilder

0:14:00 Benefits of rest and sleep

0:16:00 Task Switching ADHD

0:17:00 Creating your perfect Morning Schedule

0:20:00 Tylers Morning and Night Routine

0:24:00 Daily Stoic

0:24:30 benefits of fasted cardio Bodybuilding

0:27:00 Sauna Benefits and Red Light Therapy

0:31:00 Old Man Locker Room Stories

0:35:00 Best Gyms in Toronto Canada

0:37:30 Toronto Pro Qualifier Recap

0:41:00 Blade Collins @bladecollins98

0:42:00 Chris Matteucci @tucci14

0:45:00 Men’s Physique Muscle Development

0:48:00 Riccardo Croci @riccardo_croci_ifbbpro

0:48:30 Classic Bodybuilding Posing Tips

0:51:00 Livestream and Photo Critiques from Toronto Pro @toprosupershow

0:52:00 Make Bodybuilding Contests Better

0:56:00 Hire more and better Photographers @w_wittmannphoto

0:59:30 Standardize livestreams and Add Commentators

1:02:00 Hire Marketing Crew for Hype, Interviews, backstage Content

1:09:00 Help Promote Bikini shows

1:10:00 Add Press Conferences to shows

1:12:30 Pre Show Interviews to promote shows

1:14:50 Puerto Rico Pro Recap

1:18:00 Puerto Rico Pro 212 Recap Bo Lewis VS

1:19:00 OSWALDO GONZALEZ @ifbbpro_bo_lewis @oswaljhans

1:21:00 @executive_coach1 @classicphysiquenews @no_ordinarytom @proleaguenews @mensphysiquenews @bikinipronews

1:26:00 @muscleiconmedia @muscleicon @douglasfruchey

1:27:00 Puerto Rico Classic Physique Pro Recap

1:28:00 @carlosdommar Carlos Dommar VS @lelerico_ifbbpro π‘¬π’Žπ’‚π’π’–π’†π’π’† π‘Ήπ’Šπ’„π’π’•π’•π’Š

1:31:00 @jonasgiatras C.J. Jonas Giatras

1:34:00 @maxx_charles Maxx Charles

1:35:00 2021 Legion Sports Fest Recap

1:38:00 Derek Lunsford and Shaun Clarida to Open? @shaunclarida @dereklunsford_

1:40:00 Monster Zym Pro Recap @moe_nsour @bodybuilderchul @sibusisokotelo

1:50:00 Tyler’s and Joe’s Sponsor links

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