Tampa Preview and Predictions – Justin Badurina, Jared Keys and Lamar Shaw – Bodybuilding Podcast

In this Episode, @josh_saunch shares a 2022 Tampa Pro Preview and Predictions with Guests IFBB Pro’s Jared Keys, Classic Physique Olympian Lamar Shaw and Justin Badurina.

0:00:00 Jared Keys Into and 2022 Season Recap
0:04:00 Jared Keys Quad Strain Injury Update
0:10:00 Lamar Shaw Road to the Olympia
0:15:00 Justin Badurina Contest History
0:21:00 Justin Badurina Meniscus Tear and Pec Strain
0:25:00 Red Light Therapy
0:30:00 NPC USA’s Recap
0:35:00 Spread the love, More Guests Fouad!
0:40:00 Using Cameras and Phones at Shows
0:45:00 Athlete Rep for Each Division
0:49:00 Terrence Ruffin already being a great Athlete Rep for Classic
0:53:00 Classic Physique Height and Weight One Time!
0:55:00 What should The Division Athlete Reps do?
1:00:00 What Pros want from Athlete Reps
1:12:00 IFBB Pro Schedule, Live Updates sent to Athletes
1:22:00 Tampa Pro 212 Lineup predictions
1:23:00 Breon Ansley Doing Arnold UK?
1:23:40 Kamal El Gargni to Open at 2022 Tampa Pro
1:26:30 Rickey Moten (212 Debut) at 2022 Tampa Pro
1:27:30 Nathan Epler Favorite to win 212 Tampa?
1:29:30 Can Keone Pearson lose Tampa?
1:31:00 Kerrith Bajjo defends 212 Tampa Title
1:37:00 Tampa Pro Open Bodybuilding Lineup predictions
1:38:00 Can Akim Williams Win Open Tampa
1:40:00 Bodybuilders Anti Social Social Media in 2022
1:48:00 @valentinpetrov_ifbbpro
1:50:00 @ifbbpro_pinoylangbein
1:51:00 Cats or Dogs?
1:52:00 What is a Sandwich?
1:57:00 Well Balanced Life?
2:02:00 How to look Jacked? Tips and Tricks?
2:10:00 Lamar Shaw’s Sponsors and Links
2:11:35 Jared Keys’ Sponsors and Links
2:14:00 @gym_pin
2:15:00 Justin Badurina’s Sponsors and Links

@justinbadurina @jaredkeysbodybuilding @mr.shaw_ifbbpro

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